We aim to provide the maximum return with the minimum risk. We diligently keep track of the latest developments in the sector and strengthen our project portfolio at every opportunity. We believe that we are well equipped to take advantage of local crises not unusual for volatile environment of emerging markets and emerge with stronger standing and greater opportunities in the market. Supported by the international spirit of our team and clients we widen our vision by taking every contingency into account. Vektor is looking into the future with well defined growth strategy. Global investors who are aiming at high and secure return on investment and solid growth have every chance to reach their goals with Vektor.

As you would expect from a professional real estate development company, we provide a comprehensive range of services that can be tailored to meet the individual requirements of Investors like yourselves. We have established a value for you in Istanbul to assist and fulfill your requirements and we hope to meet you as soon as possible for a possible cooperation and share our sustainable success opportunities.